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Cambridge Forum for Jewish Studies


Jewish Studies of Jesus


Dr Edward Kessler


In recent times, Jews have begun to read the New Testament in a more positive light. There is of course no intrinsic reason why they should do so, since it is not sacred scripture for Jews. Indeed, there is every reason why they should ignore it, since it has been used to justify, and may even be the source of, antisemitic actions by Christians. This talk will reflect on changing Jewish views, notably Martin Buber, David Flusser, Joseph Klausner, Claude Montefiore and Geza Vermes but also the views of some contemporary Jewish writers who have produced studies on Jesus in the last few years - Shmueli Boteach, Daniel Boyarin and A-J Levine.


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Tuesday, 11 February, 2014 - 00:00
Event location: 
Cambridge Lehrhaus