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January Update of Digital Collections

last modified Feb 28, 2014 10:08 AM

Two Hebrew items are included in this update. The first was something of a bestseller among fourteenth and fifteenth-century Jewish doctors. Nathan ben Joel Falaquera's compendium of medical knowledge, Balm for the Body, aimed to condense the medical knowledge of the ancient and Islamic worlds and present it in an easily accessible manner to a European Jewish audience. Our copy was a prestigious edition, adorned with illuminated headings and fine pen and ink drawings.


The second Hebrew item, from Italy, also belonged to a popular genre, this time of the eighteenth century: a map of the holy places of Jerusalem, along with other significant burial sites in the Land of Israel, all drawn schematically. It shows real artistic skill and is one of the finest examples of this type of folk art.



Research and teaching in the field of Jewish Studies take place in a variety of faculties and departments across the University of Cambridge. The Cambridge Forum for Jewish Studies is an initiative whose objective is to join up this activity and communicate the range of expertise and wealth of research in the field that currently exists in the university. The Forum meets once a term to exchange information and ideas. It is hoped that it will encourage wider participation and a variety of perspectives.

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